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All information herein has been extracted from a multi volume book of unknown origin called The Book of Monkey.

The writings and images within are all hand written accounts of historical events that have not yet taken place...or have taken place with an alternate time line.

Limited access to this book was given to SMPX Labs, a "Deep State XX Projects Think Tank" in hopes of discerning and unraveling some of its deeper mysteries regarding future space exploration and Deep Cheese asteroid mining. 

The culmination of this research is Federation of Pizza.


We are the world's first interplanetary pizza delivery service and asteroid mining company. We are an organization of tightly knit cells within various industries in 3 continents. We are the dreamers, the visionaries, the creatives, the doers, and the builders of the future.

Dr. Karl Knot, PzD

What a piece of work is pizza,

How noble in reason;

How infinite in faculty.

In form and moving, how

express and admirable.

In action, how like an angel.

In apprehension, how like a

Smoking Monkey.

Federation of Pizza

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